DAC versus CD?

I am putting together a new second "almost" reference system and was wondering if a CD was "still worth it". All of my CDs were converted and loaded onto my Mac which a DAC will be part of both my system regardless. I have been looking a Jolida Tube DAC and CD players and was wondering if the CD player was a viable option or if they would be so close there would be no point in the CD. Thank you all very much for your opinion.
The DAC in the Mac won't be anywhere near the Jolida. Find a nice DAC with USB and run all of your sources through it. The cd in your Mac will run to the DAC to the amp. Wait until you burn all of your cd's to the mac and only have a hard drive...
Unless you rip with XLD instead of iTunes, the result will not be as good as a good CD transport. Also playback with Jriver Media Center and or Jplay.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio