dac USB cable

Hello, I just bought a new dac (Wadia 121) and need a good USB cable from dac to computer. I searched the forum here but there is little on the subject. Can anybody recommend a good USB cable? I read up on the HiDiamond interconnects and have sent them an email asking about USB cables, hope to hear from them soon. Anyway, I am willing to spend up to $300. Thanks, Sandra
I am going to be trying the HiDiamond USB cables, will let everyone know what it sounds like. Sandra
Ridge Street Audio Poeima!!! USB cable is an outstanding start imho.

:) listening

Try Wywires lightspd silver usb! Probably the best out there for around $750 or less.
Actually, the WyWires Silver Series USB lists for $429.00 and is available direct from WyWires or from dealers, specifically Goodwin's High End in Boston or others.