DAC/Transport to a one box CD - need suggestions

I'm currently using the conrad-johnson D/A2b DAC and DR-1 transport as my CD source. I like this combination very much but I need to downsize to a one box CD player. Looking for suggestions for a one box CD player that will replace these units. My budget it up to 3K. I'm using an all tube c-j setup driving maggie 3.5r's.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
After trying many, I'd say your best bet is the Resolution Audio Opus 21.

Suffice to say that this is the best digital I've heard (I haven't heard the EMM gear) and is engaging, detailed and nuanced all at once. I love it.

This however is a 2-box player- the display and control electronics in one box, the transport/Dac in the other. The price of this unit new is $3500, but they pop up on the 'Gon occasionally for less. A search of the archives will give you a great deal of info about this unit.

I recommend the Lector CDP-.7T. Very smooth, 2 piece, tube output unit in your price range. I've owned it now for about a year and I absolutely love it. It got a great write up in The Absolute Sound.........John
I've not heard the Lector, but the Opus 21 is a very nice unit. The Talk (3.1?) cd is also great and there's a sale on them at Canadian HiFi -- my experience is that the music pauses inexplicably on occasion, but the sound is very nice. I'd also check into modded units -- I recently heard a modified Cambridge 640c Azur that was incredible for under half your budget (actually, it was incredible for almost any budget). There may be some local folks in your area that modify units. If not, drop me a note and I can get you in touch with someone (no affiliation). Good luck.
If it was me and I was looking for a one box player today I would also choose
the RA Opus 21. It's simply fantastic. Yes, it's two boxes, but they're small
and fit onto one shelf. Plus you can run it direct if you ever choose to.

But you might also consider a modded CD player, particularly if you think you
might want to dabble in hi-rez.