dac/transport/preamp connection problem..Help

To start-

I have had everything bench tested and everything is in perfect working order...however, when I try to connect a McCormack Digital Drive SST-1 transport through a California Audio Lab Sigma DAC along to an Anstgrom 200 Home Entertainment Director Pre-amp- I get no sound out of the speakers. When I connect a regular CD Player or DVD player or DirecTV signal through the pre-amp/amp, I have no problems. I am running a coax cable from the Digital transport into the DAC and regular RCA left/right cables out of the DAC into the Pre-amp, yet no signal. What gives? Any suggestions?

I appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

James Hughes
is their a lock indicator light on the digital converter? Sounds like the transport and converter signal isn't locking
I'd say Mejames is probably right. Does the dac have multiple inputs? I know this sounds stupid but do you have the correct input selected. If so, if you have another cd player with a digital out try hooking it up to the dac. If you still get no sound it's probably a problem with the dac, but if you do, it's likely the transport. Good luck!
My Sigma has 2 inputs and you need to select the one in use.
Try a dif coax cable, some dacs don't get along with some cables. I don't know why but I've had this happen

You guys were correct. It was a matter of simply moving the input selection switch located at the back of the DAC unit. I feel like a moron!

Thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!