Dac to dvr/tv

I have finally moved my classe system to the other room. Sounds fabulous and is awaiting the new dac 2 from wyred for sound. Meanwhile I have the older theta dac. Can this be utilized to improve tv / dvr / blu ray sound? If so, how?

Samsung 50" plasma, Sony blu ray, NAD integrated amp, vandersteen 2cesigs
I believe the code for DVD/TV is different than audio. If the DAC is only for audio it probably will not decode a DVD stream, unless the DVD audio stream can be turned into the form an audio DAC can use.
Thanks, Elizabeth. It is likely too old a DAC to work then. Ah well, time to learn how to sell stuff on Audiogon as my upgradeitis is in full swing!
Actually, it will handle DVD (spdif digital out) output just fine, "but" only in two channels.

It will not have the processor/chipset needed for modern multi-channel sound.

You can however take those two (L&R) channels and run them through your preprocessor (SSP) and let it do an analog processed matrix to multi-channel and see how it sounds.

Chances are you will prefer running the DVD digital out to the SSP's digital in overall. This means you can sell the Theta to fund something new.