Dac that produces music

I have been researching the following dacs

metrum hex
yamamoto Yda 1
aqua la voce
audiomat 2.5

i am not looking for hyper detail, but just top to bottom easy listening with good extension especially the bass to be resolved and having impact.
Not a fan of sterile digital sound

which of the above dacs is superior or better do you have s better model to look at?

I've heard high end DACs and don't know if better or not, (have never A/Bed against the best) but otherwise a used mhdt Constantine fits the bill you describe if you can find one used for not very much.   Could save a lot of money that can go elsewhere.
I would add the EAR and Aesthetix DACs to your audition list.
Chord Hugo.  Read the info on the manufacturers web site.  Read the reviews.  It's all true.  Buy one and enjoy.
I am a cheapskate when it comes to buying stereo stuff. 
I try to get the as much sound quality without spending an arm and a leg.
So, I would ask that you consider the Schiit line of DAC's. 
The cost to performance ration is excellent, and some models can be upgraded in the future.
Audio-GD Master 7 or NOS 7
I have the Yamamoto YDA-1 and it is anything but sterile, I find it colorful and organic and lively sounding. A real joy to listen to if you are ok with a single input.
DACs do not produce music.
Record labels do.
+1 for Schiit dacs(multibit models). Among members of our local audio group more have been impressed enough after multiple listening sessions to buy Schiit dacs than any other brand/component except perhaps VPI turntables. For many formerly mainly LP listeners, we now can relax and enjoy digital playback at a level not commonly experienced before. Cheers,
Wired 4 Sound DAC 2 SE.
As with Jond I can vouch for the Yamamoto YDA-1 DAC. Minimal inputs and features but utterly natural sound character and convincing tone and timbre. A pure music lovers DAC.It will effectively convey emotion and soul.
I'd like to know which schitt dacs are being recommended, and how they sound compared to similarly priced dacs!
I own the Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC, I also own a McCormack DAC (not upgraded). 
As a SMc fan, I hate to say the Schiit is better, very clean sounding as well as musical. The McCormack is no slouch, either( I am hoping to send it in this summer for some upgrades).
The McCormack is priced a little more than the Schiit ($800 used, to $650 new).