DAC switch, upgrading from Sonos, and getting higher resolution from Oppo to DAC.

I guess this is a three-part question of sorts, but all related to my recent problem.  Any suggestions, relatable experiences?

1.Recently added a Cary 200ts to one of the primary two-channel setups.  Love it, even though, for now, I'm only using it for CDs from an Oppo 95 and Sonos/Tidal.  However, I forgot to measure twice/cut once.  WAF dictated that any new components fit within a mid-century cabinet.  It does not--simply because I stupidly did not allow for enough space for cabling and the door closing, even as I measured to be sure there would be enough space overhead to feel comfortable putting in a closed-back cabinet at all.  Now, bless her heart--this is in a room that was designated "hers" from the get-go, I have other spaces, and she's even come to grips with swapping in some very large floor-standers in place of monitors (likely because doing so allowed for the removal of a poorly-placed, but somewhat concealed sub).  The floor standers are affectionately known as my canoes.  Anyway, looking for a new DAC, less than 18" wide, less than 14.5" deep, and isn't known to get blazing hot.  New furniture or breaking out the saws is apparently out of the question.

2.I'd like to get higher res from the Oppo to the DAC for a somewhat limited collection of SACD, DVD-A, and BR-A.  As I understand it, with the Cary, I'll need to get an HDMI de-embedder and accept converting to PCM.  Was considering possibly the NAD or Bryston DAC that accepts HDMI.  Thoughts?  Briefly considered a used Cary 306 pro, but same problem as above.

3.After many years of stubbornly rejecting streaming/networking or the like and being almost exclusively a physical media dude, I heard a really nice setup using Tidal hifi (pretty sure it was with a Linn, Wilsons, and an amp that was likely so far out of my league that I didn't recognize it or even ask what it was).  But, I took some advice to dip my toes in with Sonos, which fit the initial bill--computer idiot-proof, didn't require a large investment, and versatile.  Well, signed up for Tidal hifi, and I'm hooked.  Considering an upgrade there and adding a NAS or "something" to rip maybe 1000-ish CDs to and maybe dabble in some hi-res downloads.  Have three setups for this purpose--One can be wired, but two would need to be wireless.  Curious about MQA as a possibility.  I have a very strong aversion to using a laptop or crossing the streams much with "computers," which are psychological associated with work.  This is probably mostly an already discussed topic (upgrading from Sonos), but I think it's related to the next step with whatever DAC comes about from 1 or 2, above.  Maybe Bluesound Vault and a couple of Nodes?  Media streamer with a good built in DAC?

Any advice or suggestions on the next move?

Thanks in advance.

Brooklyn DAC from Mytek is tiny and pretty awesome. Does everything up to quad DSD.

I built my own Linux based streamer. 2TB, less than $700 and fits in my cabinet (although sideways).


get an oppo 105D or future 205D. it has a build in Tidal app that allow you to stream Tidal directly and use your iPhone or iPad device to navigate. You can also use Foobar to push DSD to 105D. It has two 32bit DAC (one for two-channel, one for mulit-channel). Most people here just listen to 2-channel DSD. I listen mult-channel SACD (more spacious 3D experience). The 105D is 1080p and 205D will be 4K. Best overall player and streamer.
+1 junzhang10 

I patiently await the Oppo UDP-205...
The Oppo sounds like simple step in the direction.  I'm not sure how the 205 is going to shake out, but even as I paid the premium for the 95, to my ears, it's much better as a transport with the Cary, at least on redbook.  Two-channel, here, and video is a separate system and probably future inquiry.  Tried and failed to love multi-channel SACD.

E, any interest in building one of those contraptions for computer-challenged noob?  :)
You might look at he new Oppo Sonica DAC (native Tidal support)...has the newest chips and sounds fairly good considering all the features.  You've asked a lot of questions, many that I once pondered....however if you have limits in complexity, you will most likely find yourself leaning back to Sonos as it is an easy ecosystem.  I went the way of a NAS using DNLA streaming...it took some time to learn these technologies but I enjoyed the research.  If you take baby steps, don't invest a ton of cash into any single technology...then you can eliminate what doesn't fit your level of technical comfort.