Dac Suggestions around $500

Hello Everyone! I need some advice about what dacs I should be looking at in the price range around $500.  New or used is fine.  I’d like it to be able to decode hi res files since more and more of the music I stream off Amazon HD seems to be in high resolution.  

I’m going to using my bluesound node 2i as the source which leads me yo another question; is digital coax going to output hi res or do I need to go usb?

Thank You ahead of time!  
Amp is Anthem I225.  Speakers are Fritz Carrera BE.

Chord and Schiit are where I am leaning.  I look into the mojo!

Benchmarks don’t really do it for me.  Researched them and not ghe sound I am after.

I had a Schiit Bifrost AK4490 and like it.  A multibit would be cool.

I also had a parasound z dac that I liked!

Not sure if it would be better to get a diferent stresmer that just has a better dac already in it...I know if I get a better outboard dac I’m going to upgrade another outlet ($50) get anothe Cullen PC ($100-$200) so I need to takd that into consideration too 🤷🏼