DAC suggestion for Win PC and Headphone/amp

So I am looking to setup my new headphone and dedicated amp up with my PC for listening to my music library. So the question is the right DAC to sit between the PC and my headphone amp? I am very interested in the new AQ Dragonfly - less cables, simple and portable, good enough quality to be the DAC for a computer workstation.

The amp/headphone equipment is the following:
* Bryston BHA1
* Grado PS 1000

This has nothing to do with my main setup - in a different room and really just for speaker listening.

Thanks for any feedback or recommendations to check into!
* Grace M903 balanced
* Antelope Zodiac+
* Mytek 192 DSD

Would be my choices for PC listening. All three have state of the art headphone amps.

I actually only need a DAC - the Bryston BHA1 is a first tier dedicated headphone amp - just no DAC. In fact some of my limitation is that the Grado and Bryston both use balanced XLR cable connections between headphone and amp. So I am really just looking at a DAC - that would sit between the PC and the Bryston. Likely USB to PC and RCA (or ideally XLR - but not likely without going high end) to the Bryston. This is why I was considering the new AQ Dragonfly or similar (only one cable from DAC to Bryston).

I welcome your feedback, and the DACs you listed are very attractive if I had no amp (and had standard headphone connection).

I also have the bryston bha1 and grado ps1000, did you find a good dac, I am looking for a good quality dac to go from computer to headphone amp and also to my powered speakers?

Thanks Ron