Dac streamer upgrade advice From simaudio d280 to?

Looking for dac streamer upgrade advice. I currently have simaudio 280d that I stream tidal mqa. Occasionally I’ll play cds that I feed 280d. Planning to try qobuz. Only complaint with 280d has been occasionally loosing connection from iPad. Listen to piano, jazz, classical, vocals, classic rock.  I like the simplicity of 280d. Only option from local dealer under10k is 680d which I would get some trade up credit
System details ( mix of new and used)
proac d38
audio research ls28
audio research ref150
moon cd3.3
audio quest Niagara 1000
mit mh750 biwire
MIT mi330 shotgun
synergy research tungsten

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Losing connection from a controller is usually a network problem. Reboot like everybody else has to.
That worked every time but once. That time the app couldn’t find the mind2 for hours. Finally deleted app and reloaded
I use an AudioQuest Beatle, and I really like it for about $80.00