DAC/Streamer Advice

Looking for some advice on digital options. Having spent the last 5 years moving to, and spending majority of listening time with, vintage/restored analog via:

1. JVC QL-A75 Turntable

2. TEAC X1000R Reel-to-Reel

3. McIntosh C28 Preamp

4. McIntosh MC2155 Amp

5. Klipsch Heritage Quartets (new custom crossovers)

I am now wanting to add to this setup a DAC/Streamer for digital, and perhaps still use my old NAD Monitor Series CD player as an occasional transport into said DAC. I believe after some research my emphasis is on the streamer (or network player) with associated intuitive control. I do have a current CAT 5 going to my Apple TV in the vicinity and plan to add a switch at that location so I will not be relying on WiFi. Also will want to run my Oppo Universal player through new digital unit via coax for SACD playback.

Short list so far:

Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

NAD BluOS 658

Auralic Altair

McIntosh MB-50

Zen Mini MK3

Any insight? Thanks.

If you just need a DAC, I recommend the Ayre Codex or a Schiit Gungnir or Yggy, as best buys for the money.
If you need network connectivity, then Bluesound Nodes would be an inexpensive way to go, plus you can output to the DAC of your choice.
The Bluesound will stream many of the popular sites, but you could also use JRiver.
+1 on bluesound--inboard dac is quite good