Dac streamer

Thinking of getting a ifi dsd dac streamer to start. How does in compare to the mytek, bel canto, ayre codex of the benchmark, Roon?

Then an I would put the above 
 in a secondary system and upgrade main system to a lumin unit for my main system 

any thoughts, comments, suggestions 
I own iFi Pro iDSD

To play DSD files, you must use a computer with JRiver ,or also may be Audirvana  , or may be innuos.( I only use JRiver )
You can’t play DSD files through usb key or DLNA..
The remote controle is minimalist.
One day, iFi Audio will wake up and offers a better  app. than MUSO.
The headphone balanced output is great.

I have one. IMO, the software/streaming capabilities are not fully ready for production. I have a few quality questions as well. My first one dies within 30 seconds of first use and the second one still has some pops and thunks when changing inputs/filters.

The choice of filters is interesting.