DAC straight to power amp?

I know this issue has been discussed before, but I'm having trouble finding clear information or answers, so here goes...

I am currently running a TEAC UD-501 into an integrated amp via its RCA outputs. I just acquired an Odyssey Stratos dual mono power amp. I am planning on getting a preamp, but wont have one for the interim.

Can I run the TEAC directly to the Odyssey via the XLR outputs? Without blowing my speakers up? The issue is that the TEAC has no volume controls and, but I'm thinking that I can use my digital source (Audivarna+ on my Mac) to control the volume. Not ideal, but maybe OK as a temporary solution until a preamp arrives...

But I don't even want to try this if I will risk damaging my equipment. Thoughts?

Sorry ZM, I thought the volume control on the front would have done both head phone jack and rca output.

If not then you could use still the headphone jack, as it is also a low 32ohm output impedance, though it may be a bit higher in output voltage, more like 6v like an active preamp would be anyway. But you'll need an stereo rca to headphone adapter.

Cheers George
Wait for the BAT, not worth the risk
Just make sure the Audirvana volume control is set to all the way down for the initial power up. Seems simple enough to me to avoid the speaker thrashing?

If it was a Windows machine maybe I would worry a little, but a Mac, come on seriously :)

I have done the same thing recently, Mac Book Pro with Audirvana 2 going from DAC straight to amp and there is no looking back. One less box, one less set of cables, two less sources of coloration and losses and anything extra.

Run your system like a race car. Less is best.