DAC stopped playing


I've got a problem with my DAC, M2Tech Young DSD, it just stopped playing today. It powers on, computer sees it without a problem, it can output to the DAC, and the DAC shows correct sampling frequence, but there's no sound there at all, total quiet.

I tried USB and Optical inputs, tried changing cables, but nothing helped.

Any idea what could be the reason? Are DACs repairable nowadays or only replaceable?


Try unplugging from the wall for an hour. Computers suck and need to be catered to occasionally...
Don't think it's computer, I tried 2 computers (macbook and windows PC), no difference, and optical out from my TV.

I tried plugging off for around 3 hrs, no difference. Today I added a headphone amp to the setup, but I don't see how this can have impact in a setup: dac -> preamp (tape out) -> headphone amp
Just for fun maybe try a different input on your preamp or a different set of analog cables from Dac to preamp. Just to eliminate a few more variables after that I would certainly reach out to the manufacturer regarding repair.