DAC's - Oppo 105D vs Krell Connect

My system: Krell HTS 7.1 (ver 2.8) Aragon 8008 MkII ML SL3's

sources are Tidal via iPhone6 via bluetooth to Apple TV connected to HTS via optical

I'm told the DAC's in the Connect and Oppo (supposedly the same) would produce a much better sound than what's in my HTS.

1. would I really hear a noticeable difference between my current system and either the Oppo or Connect as a DAC?

2. would the 105D produce as good of sound feeding through my HTS using the Balanced out analog as the Connect?

3. other options?


Hi Scott
The Oppo 105 is a very good unit in its price range. The XLR is the way to go in my view. I have no experience with the sound of the Krell. Keep in Mind the Oppo 105 does have a long break in time before sounding good.
Good luck Pete
I use an Oppo 105 with a Krell HTS 7.1. For me the best connection is to use the Oppo for D/A conversion ( Oppo BDP, Apple TV and MacBook Air HD FLAC files via USB into the Oppo) and analog out (XLR for stereo or RCA for 5.1) to the Krell HTS 7.1.