DAC's Made in the USA

I am shopping for my very first dac and the sheer number of product available is bewildering.Unlike many members, I have never owned an outboard dac for a 2 channel system, my budget is extremely limited and my technical knowledge of the product is low.
Further I am committed to purchase a dac made in the USA, or at least a friendly democratic country. 
You can see by my equipment list that I have nothing of any great quality or renown and much of this inventory is likely to be sold to partially pay for the dac. 
I am 80 years old, wear hearing aids and I am pretty satisfied with the sounds I presently hear and really wonder if I can enhance the sound quality of my CD collection (Jazz, blues and classical). 
Would appreciate it if I can get some real help, i.e., people who have actually used their recommendation/not read about it.  Also please remember my spending limitation, more is impossible.
Many thanks 

New (not used)
Made in the USA 
Ideally less than $1500 
Headphone jack is not necessary
Two channel analog output 
Optical and digital coaxial input 

Accuphase E-202, 
Adcom GFA 555, 
McCormack TLC-1, 
Pioneer SA-9500II,
McIntosh MA-6100
Sony DVP S9000ES (DVD, CD, SACD),ADS 910,Klipsch Forte II
I just sold my Benchmark DAC3B but I highly recommend that DAC as a great USA made DAC. I will likely buy the DAC3B in late 2021 for the 3rd time. 

I am now using a DAC from communist China, Matrix Mini-i-3 Pro,  and it is not bad at half the price of the DAC3B. The DAC3B was better but the Matrix maybe still breaking in with little over 100 hours.

I am saving my pennies to get a Romanian DAC in the Spring.

I am doing the United Nations of DACs.
Have a lovely PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC I will soon be parting with. Happy to give you a price under $1000. Made in Colorado. Wonderful sounding, with remote. Retails for $1700. 
PM me if interested. 
Audio Mirror is a great US-made DAC but Vlad Is an immigrant so not sure if that fits in your world view. I just received a Holo May KTE and it is fabulous - but alas Made in China. Good luck amigo.

   Save your money walk away from the idea.  the CDP has a DAC in it and if you go  ditigal the laptop has a  DAC  In it   Plus you would have to buy cables to hook the DAC up  after all that  would be a
  4,to,6 &  improvement in Sound  
The DACs are designed by Mike Moffat, one of the hi-fi legends   ...
 Ok  Mike ,,,,How are you doing