DAC's, i'm lost

I recently purchased a pair of PSB Synchony two speakers along with an NAD 375BEE amp from my local dealer. My audio source is currently my laptop/an airport express. I'm looking for suggestions with DAC's. My budget is 500 and can be persuaded to spend no more than 1000. Please, help a newbie figure out what would work best!!!
Tranquility Dac and cable.
PS Audio digital link iii
There is much to chose from in the sub-$1000 range. Look into:

HRT Music Streamer II Plus ($349)
Cambridge DAC Magic ($429)
Simaudio 100D Dac ($599)
Musical Fidelity M1Dac ($699)
Rega DAC ($995)
Peachtree iDac ($999)

All these units have received positive reviews and user feedback on various forums. Hope this helps narrow the selection down.
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 is very good and tips the scale at $995
Eastern Electric Mini Max $750.00.

MHDT Paradisea Havana $600.00.

Audio Mirror Tubadour Mrk II $1000.00.

Good Luck, Lets us know what you do.
I have the Moon 100d ($599) and am very happy with it. The other I'd be looking at is the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 ($999), if I were to spend more. But as others have said, lots of choices.
Good - PS Audio DL III
Better - Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1
I agree with Sonnyyoung and also recommend

the Tranquility DAC with a Ridge Street Audio Poiema or Alethias USB cable or the dbauidolabs The Essential USB cable.

Morrow MAP4s wouldn't hurt either to make the connection to the preamp.

I cannot imagine you wouldn't like the Tranquility.

One important thing, think about the power cord used to feed the DAC... affects things more than you might imagine!

:) listening,

I LOVE my Wavelength Proton DAC it's asychncrous USB and $900
Great recommendations above. Haven't owned or heard a Tranquility (sadly), but I thought it was worth pointing out that it is limited to 16/44.1 (CD quality) output. Most other DACs here can do 24/96 or 24/192. The significance of this will depend on whether or no you will be playing hi-rez files. That said, the Tranquility also has a wonderful reputation, and I believe there is a trial period for these DACs. And ultimately, this will be about which DAC sounds best in your system, according to your audio/musical preferences.
Logitech Squeezebox Touch for $300 or less. Nice DACs and amazing performance for the money. I love mine, and when I plugged it into a friend's system (he has the same speakers as I do) bypassing his new Wyred4Sound DAC, we were both amazed at the high quality of the "Touch"...it has it's own sound and somehow it works.
IMO an Arcam rDAC is a great buy @ $500.
The new Rega DAC is $995 and sounds great. It may add some bass to your speakers and open up the highs a bit more.

I'd give Lavry Eng a call. I'd also bet it a very good fit for your rig.

Regardless, I'd also keep an open mind... and find one which will integrate well with a PC. Do those higher bit rates, and has great flexibility along with a sound which works with your gear.
I have to agree with Wolf_garcia about the Squeebox Touch.

1) MHDT Havana

2) Eastern Electric MiniDac

3) Monarchy NM

4) Bel Canto DAC 3

5) Wyred DAC1
While I don't have a DAC suggestion for you, I do have something to keep in mind.
The JITTER from the AE is terrible. Some DACs simply will not like this device. My CA840 CD player sometimes loses lock on the signal and emits the most awful, fingers-on-chalkboard noise imaginable.
No amount of file-fiddling helps. ALAC? MP3? w/wo error correction? no help.
Only thing that helps is to take the analogue output from the AE, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the DIGITAL part of the equation. Not to mention that the DAC part of the AE is a strictly budget proposition.

TRY anything you are considering with right of return. put it thru its paces and make sure it works with the AE. Or, upgrade to an Apple TV.....
Rega. It's one of the most musical and easy to listen to dacs I have yet heard in that price range. Listen to one if you can.
I agree on the Arcam rdac for sure. Its $500 and is a asynchronous. It has wireless options as well.
I'm listing my MHDT Havana for sale tomorrow evening. It's a wonderful DAC.