DAC replacement

I am looking to replace my current DAC. Candidates are Theta DS Pro Prime IIa, Theta DS Pro Basic IIIa, or EAD DSP7000 IIIa. Has anyone compared any of these, and have any views to share. Do you have any recommendations for alternatives to these? I am currently using an Audiolab 8000DAC MkIII, and want to make sure that this is an upgrade not a sideways move.
Thanks Mike.
Mike .. I haven't heard any of the DACs, but I have heard the Audiolab 8000 ... and I think one of its great strengths is that it reclocks the input and removes jitter. Of course this is only relevant if using it with a cheaper transport (I was using a Marantz CD67).

If you have a great transport you can ignore my message, but if you don't have a great transport then either buy a DAC with equally good reclocking to the Audiolab, or budget for a jitter box like the Monarchy DIP (which I don't think is as good as the Audiolab's own reclocking).

I'm no expert, but I thought the Audiolab was a very fine DAC ... very natural and not overemphasized in any respect. Tread carefully when replacing it. You might get more treble or more bass with a new DAC, but not necessarily a more natural tone, better imaging etc etc. IMO Audiolab has been overlooked and underpraised in the US.
Current DAC being used with an Audiolab 8000CDM transport which I like, and have no plans to change. Current set up is posted Virtual Systems.
Thanks Mike.
Being a long time Theta fan, I've owned the Pro Prime, Pro Prime IIa, Gen IIIa and currently the Gen Va balanced. The best bang for the buck is the IIIa. I recently saw one advertized for $600, I think. You would be very happy. Don
Mike ... I'd appreciate if you could let me know the results if you do change the DAC. I am not really an equipment-head (rarely if ever upgrading) so I am always skeptical of the "latest greatest" digital gear, and as I said I think the Audiolab is a great DAC. But if I am wrong please do let me know. Perhaps I'll have to upgrade ? (Oh no ... not the upgrade bug ! :-) )