Dac recommendations for Mac Book Pro

I am interested in upgrading my Beresford Dac. I am currently using the optical port from the Mac. I use the Cayin A-50t as amplification and Merlin TSM-MX. My budget is $1000 for new or used. I am looking for a Dac with a smooth character. I am not interested in hyper- detail. Some of the Dacs on my list are the Stello Da 100 S, Apogee Mini dac, MHDT Havana. Is there a preferred port to use? I have a firewire port and USB 2.0.
Wavelength Bricks pop up on the 'Gon from time to time for around 1k. ....one
just sold. All Wavelength Dac's are USB. There's a lot of debate about what port
to use.

Supposedly, USB limits music files to 24/96 and the Brick will only process
16/44...so no high resolution music at least with the Brick. Firewire has no such
limitation. Yet, Wavelength does USB properly.

Lots of opinions about sound quality as well. I don't think there's any right
Try the Apogee Mini DAC with a 30-day money-back return policy from Guitar Center. Make sure you order the unit with FireWire connection. I went even further and got a 12 volt power center from Audio Magus that sqeezed more out of the performance. VERY good sounding DAC, the Apogee.

The problem with MHDT is that they have no return policy that I could find. When I e-mailed the MHDT Gang to ask them about this I did not get a reply.

I like painless shopping but let your own ears decide.

Best of luck to you.

You can expand on your choices by using Hagtech's "HagUsb." For the $129 cost of admission, you can use any dac of choice and you won't be limited to just those that have usb or firewire built in.
I am currently researching the Apogee Duet. I have read some good things about it on Headfi.org. An A/B test concluded that it was on par with the Mini Dac. I would like some more opinions from those that have used the Duet. The reviews that I have read say that it is neutral sounding,which will be fine for my system but I am worried about the top end. If it is at all tipped up in the treble I know that I won't like it.

Thanks for the replies.