DAC recommendation with tube preamp

Looking for some recommendations for a DAC to pair with my BAT VK333SE and Revel Salon 2s.  The  BAT is on the cold side of neutral and the Salon 2s are very neutral with great bass and dynamics.  I'm looking for accuracy/clarity with a bit of sparkle without sacrificing any bass.  Something to offset the darkness of the BAT and maximize the dynamics of the Salons.

I'm currently using the DAC in my Bluesound Node 2.  I recently auditioned a Mytek Brooklyn DAC + and didn't find it that much better than the DAC in my Node 2.  I little more decay with the voice and a slightly wider sound stage, but not $2200 better.  This was the first Sabre chip DAC I've heard in my system and was expecting it to work great as I've always heard the Sabre chips are bright.  But I didn't find enough to justify the cost.  So I'm on the prowl again.

I'm really trying to keep the cost around $2500 but am willing to go up to $5000 max for the right fit.  I've read the Mytek Manhattan II is much better than the Brooklyn due to the dual power supply.  But will the sonic signature be that much different?  Some other options I'm looking at:
Benchmark DAC 3 HGC
Chord Qutest
Schitt Yggy 
PS DirectStream JR
Simaudio 280D

All opinions on these and any other options welcome.  MQA and DSD are not that important to me.  They're more like a bonus.  I do get MQA now via Tidal Masters from Bluesound but I have no DSD files and don't plan on investing in any.

Given the above, is there anything better than the Yggy for pure PCM at $2500?  Even at $5000 or under?  

Two other intriguing options are the Simaudio 390 Network Player and the NAD C 658.  Both are streaming/network players that offer a DAC.  Not sure if anyone has any reviews on either?  The C 658 includes Dirac Live, which I currently have in my Emotiva XMC-1 processor and like what it does for my room.  But I'm not sure if the DAC in these will be anything special or if these are more of an all in one solution with the DAC as an after-thought.  

Thanks all.

Look for a used PS Audio DirectStream Senior. 
Most all solid state DACs won’t alter bass nor decay.

Soundstage width issues could be channel matching and/or crosstalk.

The Benchmark, Chord, and PS Audio ones would be excellent. the Benchmark and Chord are awesome, I just really dislike their asthetic. I would not recommend buying the PS Audio one new though, it is not worth >2x the Benchmark or Chord.

As a DAC, the Node 2i has a SINAD (Signal over Noise and Distortion) of ~87dB, so not good enough for 16Bit (CD, MP3, etc.), while the Benchmark and Chord are between 110dB and 115dB.

Now, 87dB may be good enough with music masking the noise/distortion in addition to your room’s floor noise, but as an absolute audibility threshold it falls short.
If it were me, I’d forego the Node altogether and divide the budget between a better streamer paired with a good DAC. Perhaps a Lumin paired with a Chord.
A used Auralic Vega might be worth considering. I have my node 2 running into my Vega and am very happy with the combination. 
Another vote for the Auralic Vega.  A huge step sonically above the Node2 DAC in my system.  I also run through a tube preamp - Cary SLP-98.  
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I do want to clarify that I’m looking for a DAC that does conversion best first and foremost. Preamp and streaming abilities are not necessary with the other equipment I already have.

@kalali, your suggestion is a good one. Replacing the Node 2 is the next piece of the upgrade path. I’m looking at Lumin U1 or Mini U1 and Aurender N110C. Or the other all in one options I initially noted, the NAD C 658 and Simaudio 390.
I use an Ayre Codex.-Definitely superior to the Node integrated DAC.
PS Audio Directstream with Bridge 2 hits all your marks. I have the Bluesound Vault 2 but borrowed a Directstream for audition and it makes everything better. I was hoping to prove the opposite actually. LOL
Is the DS Sr that much better than the Junior?  Last time I checked, the Sr was out of stock till mid 2019.  Seems that PS Audio always runs a big sale at the end of the year and blows out all their stock.  I saw it in 2017 when I was searching for a Preamp.  I missed the great sale on the BHK Pre.....

Anyone got a good dealer recommendation on where to purchase the PS Audio gear from?  
And did I miss something, the DS Jr is no longer offered on PS Audio's website.  Did they discontinue it?
It seems I did miss something.  The DS Jr is no longer a product for PS Audio.  With the coming release of their cost no object DAC, they're dropping the Junior.  

So where I'm at right now is probably getting the Schiit Yggy and then a separate streamer.  I plan to sample streamers at Axpona in April.  This will give me an opportunity to sample the OS of each streamer.  Looking at Lumin, Auralic and Innuos.  I wish Innuos had AES/EBU as well as USB....
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Thanks @canibefrank.  I found that thread and have pretty much dismissed the C658 as an option.  There's a dealer in NJ that gave it good reviews, but, as you said, it had to be paired perfectly.  I'm looking for a piece that isn't that picky.  I've also pretty much decided I'll be going with a separate DAC and Streamer instead of an all-in-one solution.  The Yggy fits my DAC needs.  Not sure if there's any other DAC out there in the $2500 range that can beat it.  I fully recognize it doesn't support MQA or DSD, but I don't have any DSD files and don't plan to invest in any.  And MQA is not that important to me.  
Lampizator or Aesthetix...get the best model you can afford.....

i have both a Pandora Sig and a Lampi Amber II

invest in good spdif...two i can strongly recommend are AQ Eagleye and Nordost Silver Shadow

have fun...

also dont rule out an MSB analog.....sweet machine..