DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range

I recently get to the point that I want to try a new DAC in $5 to $10K range and would like to know if there are recommendations I should try and audition.


My current DAC is a Denafrips Terminator, to me, Terminator is an overall fun DAC that provide good clarity, energy, and scale. It has strong macrodynamic focus with good impact and punch, as well as solid resolving power and texture, but I feel drawback is lacking micro dynamic capability, tonality is not organic, neither is presentation, treble is not that refined, and can sometimes get too hot and gritty. What I hope in my next DAC is a balanced DAC that lean a bit more toward the relaxed and slightly sweeter smoother side of things, great organicness, great placement accuracy and depth in overall stage, great coherency and liquidity, as well as having great impact and punch.


Get a used PS audio DirectStream DAC and have the EDCOR XS4400 transformers installed by a local electronics shop.  It should be well under $5k.  Or, if you can wait, a new version of the DAC called the DriectStream MK II will soon be released by PS Audio.  Here is a link to some information on the transformer upgrade.

Give Lector-Audio made in Italy a look. I have their CD transport Digidrive TL-3 and have been very happy with the build quality and sound. They have a couple of DACs in their product line up. I bought my Lector from Deja Vu Audio which I believe might be the only dealer in America.

soix Given what you’re looking for I’d take a serious look at a Mojo Mystique DAC.


if you can get a used lumin x1 i would highly recommend in that price range

If your only interested in buying new, the Holo Audio May KTE is excellent 

Mearson DAC 1. Love my Mearson and I am quite impressed with my neighbors Simaudio 280D.