DAC Recommendation around 2.5K

There are so many new DACs, it makes one head swim.

I currently have a PS Audio DL III w/ level 3 Cullen mods
it sounds great, very analog and musical, however will not do 24/192 even via coax. So.....

Hegel HD25? NAD M51? I want to have a usb 24/192 to avoid another device in the chain (in order to use coax)


Jolida fusion preamp (with mods)
channel island d-200 moon block amps
acoustic zen adagio speakers
kimber silver cable
soundstring cable
"anti-cables" for speaker wire

Listen to ALL types of music, so dac needs to be comfortable with classical and jazz but also lots of classic rock

Thank You

PS: i do not care about DSD capability, don't buy it....
I had the same question as you. See my thread at: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ddgtl&1375907174&&&/Berkeley-DAC-Series-1-anything-better-2-

For now I settled on a Triode TRV DAC 1 SE. To my ears it handily beat the NAD M51.
The Burson audio conductor have 24/192 capability and you can also switch Dac pcb to your liking.
If you can up your budget, there's a great deal on a Aesthetix Panadora DAC on Agon.