DAC recommendation

I'm looking for a DAC to use with my modified Toshiba SD 3960 SU DVD player. This DAC will also have to decode different codecs since my system is both a stereo and HT system. My preamp is the EE Minimax. I don't want to spend a lot but if that means I'm getting tremendous value then I just might. Anyways, there's a new crop out there that i'm not aware of their sound like the Keces, Zhaolu and some other lesser known. Also the new MHDT Havana and any other USB ready. I prefer a nice midrange to begin with. Suggestions are appreciated.
Just a thought but you may be better served by a good DSP Preamp rather than buying several two channel DAC's.
I wasn't planning on buying several two channel DACs. I was hoping of a DACs that can process multiple codecs. It appears that there's no such animal. I'll keep looking, thanks anyway.
You may want to take a look at the Valab Dac sold on Ebay, it is a NOS Dac with 8 x 1543 chips, has Coax,USB and Toslink inputs. It sells for $180.00 shipped from Taiwan, excellent sounding Dac that is shockingly good, period.
BTW, I'm using the EE Minimax also with the Valab Dac and getting excellent results.
That sounds interesting, i'm going to check it out, thanks.