DAC recomendations $1500-$3000

Looking to pick up a DAC, new or used that has balanced outs and can handle an SACD input among others. Been looking at the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 (not sure if this will handle SACD) and PS Audio Perfect Wave. Thoughts?
W4S DAC2 does not handle SACD. otherwise, it is a first rate DAC with many inputs.I have used it since it came out, and very happily.

Hi Chriswilford1,

I just got in the North Star Design 192kHz/32bit DAC because I'm reviewing it for hometheaterreview.com were I'm a staff reviewer.

This DAC from Italy without any were being close to be broken in still sounds better to me then the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2, Benchmark DAC1 or PS Audio Perfect Wave. It extremely well built and very fairly priced, around $1200.00. If your interested E-mail me for more details.
Red Wine Audio Isabellina...hardly ever mentioned on Audiogon and while having some limitations, it produces very smooth and natural sound. It retails for 1500.
The only "DACs" that handle SACD input are either using a proprietary protocol (Meridian, EMM Labs and others), or they are Surround Sound Processors with HDMI interface.

There is no other way to get SACD (either native DSD or converted to high rez PCM) from a transport into a DAC, due to licensing restictions.
I've had very good results with the PerfectWave DAC and the Bel Canto DAC3. I ended up keeping the Bel Canto, because I wasn't going to use the networking options that the PerfectWave offered and for my ears, in my system, I prefered the Bel Canto.
PS audio is releasing an upgrade to the perfectwave DAC for $1000 this month. If it is as good as suggested, this may well turn the PWD into a giant killer. Worth waiting a few more weeks and hear initial reports. You could score a used PWD for less than 2K and do the upgrade and stay within budget. It will also have asynchronous USB if you want to do computer audio but don;t want to mess with their networked architecture.
MSS Hi Fi here in NY has new PS Audio's listed @ $2100 but I do not know whether they are an authorized dealer or are gray marketing.
They are grey market - you will have no warrenty on this, although they say they will take care of you if you have a problem. I actually ordered a cheap P10 PS audio conditioner from them, which they then could not deliver (fortunately - I ended up buying 2x P5 instead through a dealer).

MSS HiFi also have cheap grey market Bel Canto stuff. No warranty on any of this. I have bought grey market before (usually about 30% below MSRP) without any problems, but there is always some risk involved. Not sure if the PS audio warrenty is transferable, but you may be better off buying used and having a warranty.

Alternatively, you can shop around in the dealer network - you should be able to get at least 15% off on new PS audio gear. They also still have the $1000 trade-in deal on the PWD I believe.
Chriswilford1/Edorr...check out this thread on Audio Aficionado about an unsuspecting customer who "bought" MC-2301 mono blocks from the crooks at MSS Hifi: http://www.audioaficionado.org/mcintosh-audio/8965-mss-hifi-took-my-money.html

I would not buy anything from MSS Hifi no matter what the supposed "discount." You get (when you do receive the equipment) grey market product with no warranty coverage and no support.

Apologize to the OP. Don't mean to derail the post but just thought I would caution folks to stay clear from MSS Hifi. Check out the link above.
Wow, that thread has over 50 pages! Yikes...
I did not want to create bad vibes and though it might have been an isolated incident, but in dealing with my (cancelled) PS Audio P10 order my MSS HiFi contact (I believe it was the owner) appeared to be a total jerk. Seems like I dodged a bullet!
Hey Chriswiford1,

Just wanted to correct an error I made on the pricing of the North Star Design DAC, its retail price is $3000.00 and demos can be gotten for around $1500.00. The more I listen to it it reminds very much of the very highly regarded Weiss 202 DAC which retails for $7737.00!
Just looked at a Simaudio Moon 300D. Sounded a tad edgy to me but it was running through a Moon solid state system as opposed to my warmer Audio Research Tube Pre and Pass amp combo.Any impressions?
I don't know about SACD, but I'm using the Calyx DAC which I find outstanding. Just USB and coax inputs though.

I borrowed the moon 300d prior to getting the Calyx. The best I can say about it is 'vanilla'. Exaggerated highs and an otherwise bland presentation. Maybe in another system???? - I'm using tubes.
Hey Teajay,
Are you sure the North Star DAC sound that good? heard good things about it but cannot find any place that have the dac. Any info will be greatly appreciated
Irrespective of the sonic merits of the North Star, having been an avid buyer and seller of used audio gear for 10+ years, I have learned to stay away from the esoteric pieces. Very hard to resell. Even if you got what you thought was a killer deal, you end up taking a big hit on resale. If you shop around for a used Perfectwave and get it at the right price, you'll never lose more than shipping and transaction and $100 tops.