DAC questions?

I am currently looking to add a DAC to an Acurus ACD-11 CD player and being honest have no ideas as to what I should be looking for? What considerations should I take into account? How much is too little to spend and what becomes too much? Any particular features to look for or stay away from?

I am generally looking for advice to help take the sound to the next level.

I have my eye on a Aragon D2A, but not sure if this is waht is needed?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

My system can be viewed under budget minded, 'finally complete, not really???'
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It's tough.How much do want to spend for how much time?With new format like 25 Gig Disc Blu Ray (should bet out HD DVD but we'll see) spending big buck on D/A is crap shoot.On oher hand you probably have enough Red Book (CD) discs that getting one tat cost a lot m,ay not may make sense.You can get good sound from an upsampling unit.Benchmark for $1K is about as deep as I'd go but I am cheap.I find their are other components worth puting money into now.There are many,many strings here on 'Gon that will give you he names and prices of what would be a good match for your system and wallet so I won't go through them here.Pu some time into here,Audio Asylum,even Avrreview.com etc and you you'll come up with the right deal.It is interesting that you can get very highly regarded transports for cheap money (like JVC!) that will keep jitter to minimum before processing you were willing to put money into enterprise check out the DEQX pre-pro (*or just processor)especially if your all digital (i.e. don't play or not many LP's).It is a unit that not only has D/A for $3K but compensates for room and optimizes the performance of your components like few other devices.At 3K it's a bargain (another excellent is the TacT cost $10K).It would depend of rest of system etc.I think it maybe the most revolutionary product in audio right now given price performance.Check it out at www.6moons.com.Also think about maybe a modded CD/SACD/DVD-A player from Denon or Sony.Check some of these at Modwright and i maybe better money spend than just box alone.Again new formats on horizon which means one should spend with caution yet we all have a lo of CD's that makes investment in current D/A worth it.Your money you be the judge.
What processor is in the Acurus? 18bit, 20bit? You would want to move up in technology I would think. That means finding a 24/96 DAC or better. The Aragon is nice but older? Do you want tubes?
I would start with something like a mid level MSB and see if you like the change. They are easy to resell if you need to change the sound any more...
From everything that I am reading the ACD-11 utilizes a one-bit DAC.
Help Me!!! I'm begging you!!!  Back in the second ICE AGE, I bought ALL ACURUS (MONDIAL LABS).. Remember OTZI? He my N*gga, I fought the bandits who jumped him I lost my footing and fell in the ice pack. They Found me with clutching my ACURUS RL11 Line Stage Preamp (They don't make Pre-Amps any more), Acurus A150 Amp and Acurus ACD11 CD PLAYAH. I need an outboard DAC to bring my ancient CDs to life...which one do I get (A Mitech "No Rest for Brooklyn" appears to be OVERKILL. Am I in the 'Shiiter'?