Dac Question.

I have a DacMagic 100
I have my PC output set to 16/44.1
Incoming sample rate is lit to 44.1

Is the outgoing rate I am hearing 44.1?
That is my lreference.

I was thinking of buying a PS Digital Audio Link iii however I read in the manual it says choose between 96 and 192 ....I am not interested in upsampling at this time.

So to.circle back I just want to know either DAC will send out what same rate it receives.


I found this in PS manual....if I am.correct it upsamples either 2 rates you select...
I want incoming 44.1 and outgoing 44.1.

From the manual.......

Select the sample rate you wish. There are two choices available on the front panel: 96kHz and
192kHz. What comes out of your transport or CD player is 44.1kHz. The DLIII will upsample this to a
higher, and better sounding sample rate. Choose which sample rate you wish by simply listening and
deciding which sounds best on your system.

I really dont like this.....
Who is to say 16 or 192 will sound better? That is a personal preference.
Does the Dac magic 100 do the same as the PS..?.I dont think so.
Most DACs internally upsample (and for good reason), but the output is the original rate. 96kHz is better than 192Kbps, most DACs aren’t their best at that high of a sampling, the Benchmark DACs even downsample 192Kbps to maintain peak performance (and it’s not like 192Kbps has any benefit to consumers).
@mzkmxcvI am finding some automatically upsample...

I want outgoing same as incoming unless I specify....
Outgoing is the same as incoming.

Doesnt look that way in the PS manual..see above....

Confirmed...just called ps audio.....

It does not spit out a native mode from your source settings....

The NUWave model does it has Native light on fron panel.

The ps 3 you have to choose either 96 or 192.
Sad to see that (most aren’t like that). As maybe your power amp or your speakers don’t do too well at such high frequencies (breakout modes, IMD, etc.). So yeah, if it’s between 96 and 192, choose 96.
@mcNot interested in a Dac that has those options only....

Truth be known.....my speakers do very well in revealing the difference between my native 44 and upsampled 96...

I am not concerned about treble its fine..

While adding soundstage and depth in 96
You are giving up midbass ...also the bass has less impact....try it sometime if your DAC allows....

The 96 or higher to me makes for a "Thinner" presentation.

Higher sampling rate does nothing to the lower frequencies the lower sampling rate already covers (disregarding the reconstruction filter). However, the DAC you used may perform better with such sampling rates, but it’s not a truthful blanket statement.