DAC question

I am looking for a new DAC. My current system is as follows; Sonics Allegretto speakers, PS Audio PCA pre-amp, Cary 7b ss amp, Cal Cl-10 cd changer, Empirical Design speaker cables, monster sigma interconnects and various decent power cables. I have three dedicated power lines running from a dedicated circuit and BPT conditioner.

I would like to keep the Cal cd changer as a transport because I like a changer, but it is dated. I tried the Benchmark but did not like it. My speakers are not bright but there is some emphasis in the lower treble which can sound bright, so I am looking for some warmth in the midrange - lower treble. The DAC's I am considering are the Bryston BDA, the PS Audio w/Cullen mods, Cambridge Dacmagic and the Wyred 4 sound after it comes out. I do not want to spend more than 2k. Any insight is appreciated.
You can find a Monarchy M-24 tube DAC for around $700-$800. It even has a pretty nice sounding tube preamp section you can use if you want. It's a very good DAC for the money IMO.

I use Amperex tubes in mine...but have also used the cheap to buy EH-6922's with great sound.

Lots of reviews if you GOOGLE it.

If you can pick up a used PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC (PWD) for $2,000 (which I think you can) you'll be way ahead of the curve compared to what you listed as your short list.
I do not think you would like the Cambridge if you didn't like the Benchmark--that's if you like resolution. The Benchmark's is better in the mids and highs IME.

The Benchmark is cool-sounding, though. My favourite in comparison to both was the Apogee Mini-DAC. It was cleaner is the highs--cymbals, strings--and had warmer mids than either.