DAC Question

Has anyone used a Entech Cruncher 205.2 DAC? If so, how is it? Thanks
I have the 203.2, you can get this version off ebay for about $15 plus shipping. The difference being the analog filter and the number of inputs/phase switch. I find it fine for tv, the sound is a little on the forward side for music though but better then a cheap cd player. Tried it with my g5 optical out to a project headamp/sennheiser 600 and it was way to forward to listen to. Could be that the voltage out is way to high, I have some attentutors on order to see if that tames it a little.
Pe3046, how are you using the DAC with the TV? Thanks
I have it connected via coaxial out on my hd-dvr. Meant TV as in HBO, Showtime, etc. Sounds much better then the analog connection. Given that you have a 20es cd player (I have dvp7700) I think you may want to look at a ead dsp7000 or bel canto as that would give you a jump above the sony whereas the entech is probably on par with the sony.
I have the 205.2 DAC and am running a Denon DCD-1500II via digital coax out to it and also a Sony CDP-339ES via Toslink out to it. Both these cd players sound very good on their own, but the Entech 205.2 DAC gives both players a bigger soundstage, improved bass response, and overall more detail. I don't find it forward sounding at all. I really like it. Previously I owned an Audio Alchemy DDEv1.1 which was also very nice, but this is a step above. I think the Entech 203.2 will give a very similar sound.