DAC, preamp, amp - picking the right ones

Many people here on Audiogon have been helpful to me in setting up a system in my study, and I now seek your help in putting together another system, for my living room. In the study I now have Snell Type A speakers (have had them for 30 years, love them), Odyssey dual mono amp, BAT VK20 preamp, Pertpetual Tech P-3A dac, iMac, turntable coming. I want to send music from the iMac to my living room wirelessly and control it from there. I'm planning to get an Apple TV for that - will display and control itunes library on big television screen, and send audio by toslink to DAC. I need the rest - DAC, preamp, amp - to go with Snell Type AIII speakers (these are big, 12" woofers, 300 lbs a pair, 86 db sensitivity) in a pretty big room. Must have remote for preamp. (1) I could go with an all-in-one solution, but this would probably have to be new. Moon i3.3 for $4000, Bryston B100P/DA for $5500, Peachtree Audio Nova for $1200. (2) I could go with separates. I used to have tubes, liked the sound. Possible DAC would be tri-vista (must have toslink input). Other good tube dac that I could get used for under $1200? (3) For preamp I'm considering Odyssey Tempest Extreme, Jeff Rowland Capri, Parasound Halo JC2, Audio Research SP16. Pretty big price range here. (4) For amp, I'm considering Accuphase P350, Parasound Halo A21, Odyssey Stratos (maybe monos). I like the Odyssey I have. I am too far from anywhere to audition anything. I have to buy it and try it - and resell it if it doesn't work with what I have. Any comments on any of these, and especially on how some of them would go together? Other suggestions? Integrated amp?
You've obviously done some research into the possibilities. I've never heard the Snell Type AIII, but the numbers you provide, with a 12" woofer and moderate-to-low sensitivity suggest that you're more than likely going to go with a solid state amplifier, as a tube amp for those speakers in a big room would likely get expensive and hot.

So, not knowing your listening preferences and what you've already heard, I would naively come up with a system such as:

Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC
Plinius 9200 integrated amp

The Plinius should be able to drive the speakers and you've simplified your setup and possibly reduced your cost by using an integrated, at the expense of a little flexibility.

We really need more information to make an informed decision, though. What kind of sound do you like? Lean and detailed and warm and mellow? What kinds of music do you listen to? Do you like bass and/or high frequency extension? What have you already listened to? The best way that you'll get your questions answered is to listen to several systems (and ideally get to audition some electronics in your room with your speakers) and see what you like and don't like. There are literally hundreds of products that will likely sound great.

As for your tubed DAC under $1200 question, a couple options I can think of off the top of my head:

MHDT Paradisea or Havana (they get a lot of buzz, but I haven't heard one)
California Audio Labs Alpha (available used $400-500)

Good luck,

Thank you for the suggestions. I should have said that I listen to classical (pretty much the full range), jazz (including lots of vocal), some country. I don't like a very lean or dry sound, so I guess it would be fair to say that I like a warm sound - but I want definition and clarity as well; sweet, silky highs, great tasty mid-range, solid base (does not have to move my house, but should be accurate and defined). As I said, I can't really audition anything, so I want to be able to resell anything I buy in case it just isn't a good fit.
I agree you are likely to need SS. I too like the integrated approach. I think the new Pass integrated is worthy on your short list. Pass tends to be on the warmer side of neutral. Plinius too is a good suggestion. If integrated is out of the question, let us know. If you can find a used Audio Logic DAC you are unlikely to do better. The designer, Jerry Ozemont does a lot digital work for others, but his Audio Logic line is about as good as digital gets. I think they are all tubed DACs.
Thanks again. I will look at the new Pass integrated, but I will probably buy used equipment here on Audiogon. At least some of the Audio Logic DACs don't have a toslink input.
Also, I'm leaning slightly toward separates, on the theory that it may be easier to fine-tune the system if I can replace one component at a time.
I have heard the Snell AIII (it has been a while). They need a lot of AMP! The setup back in those days was a Pereaux (spelling) solid state putting out over 200w a side. (I have the Snell E from back then).
Can you bi-wire the AIII? If so I would.
Thanks to everyone who has responded. I'm buying a BAT300xSE integrated amp and still need a dac. The BAT has 300 wpc into 4 ohms. I'm hoping that will be enough. I notice that most dacs do not have balanced out option, but some do. According to BAT, I lose about 6 db going through rca cables rather than balanced. If I have any concern about power, maybe that would be significant ... So, now my question is do you know of any good value in a dac (probably used) that would have balanced outputs? I see there is an accuphase for sale on audiogon that does. Any others?