DAC pre

I will be adding a McIntosh ms300 music server in the near future. The MDA1000 DAC is out of my price range for now @ 8k...has anyone had success with the Bel Canto DAC3?

I am pleased to see the built in volume control, and many of the same features/connectivity of the MCD1000...The Bryston BDA-1 was also on my short list...but no pre amp section..
Try the Benchmark DAC-1 or the DAC-1 pre if you need analog input. You won't be disappointed.
I have been using the BC Dac3 for a few months now.Not as a pre however.It is the only USB Dac I have had and I really like it.I can recommend it without reservations.It will be the synergy in your system that makes it for you of course.Like the Benchmark and some others that are popular right now,it will be easy to move if its not for you,good luck,Bob
thx guys!