I have a question maybe someone can help me with. I just bought a Link III dac for a old adcom cd player gcd575 and it really has helped the sound. But now when I turn on a light or anything in the house I hear a pop out of the speakers. it never did this before it is all plugged into a richard gray 400s. is this normal for a dac to do this ??
it never did it until I added the dac. Please can someone help. Thanks
Never experienced that; maybe you can try using a cheater plug to bypass the ground on the MSB's PS?

Check and see if you house wiring is grounded properly. There is a featture on the Monsterpower conditioners that does this. Also there may be some ceap device at the hardware store?
I had this happen when I tried a Harmon Kardon carousel cd player via Toslink out into a Theta DAC. I KNOW it should not have happened with an optical out, but it did.
I took the carousel back on the 29th day, retuned to Sony ES transport with co-ax out & lived happily ever after until the upgrade bug bit me again......