dac or upgrade player

i'm currently using an arcam cd62t. not bad. im more of a vinyl guy myself, but with the table in for repair i've been listening to a lot of cd's. if i were to upgrade for say $400-500, would i be better off getting a dac(and are there any that would particulary well with the cd62, or for that matter, not) or say, an arcam cd72 or something similiar. would appreciate any thoughts. i see ther

What are you looking for that your Arcam is lacking?I have the ARCAM ALPHA 9.Does the CD62 have a detatchable power cord.If so have you replaced it. The ALPHA 9 cord was junk! I replaced it with an Audioquest power cord, with an AQ RF filter. I found it made a big difference. It made it sound smoother more analog.Sound stage greatly improved.Bass was more exstended and tighter.Highs became more natural. Also your interconnects can make a big difference.I guess what Im trying to say If your loking to spend only $400 to 500 for a DAC + $ for A good Digital cable you may want to tweek first.
what im looking for is better sound. what does that sound like? im not sure i know. as i said, things sound pretty good. the arcam does have a detachable power cord, but my one after market cord is being used by my amp. i guess my real question is would spending what i was talking about make a noticable difference. it sounds like it probably wouldn't. guess i'll just wait for my turntable to come back...
Bring your CDP into a local shop and compare to a higher priced CDP and then try it with a DAC. That way you'll know for yourself if you are missing anything. Most times there are differences but you need to determine if it is worth it to you.

Happy Listening.
well, somewhat of a different fix, but by replacing the sim's pre with a bottlhead foreplay, things have really improved. the tubes have a very positive, smoothed out effect on the normal harshness associated with cd's. and yet the sim's fast amp keeps the toes tapping. i can live with this until the vinyl starts spinning again.

thanks for all the help.