DAC or Preamp controlled by DirectTV remote

Need some help with what I thought would be a common situation. I have a Panny 65" plasma with Direct TV , Apple TV and Panny Blue Ray as inputs.
Sound is presently through B&W 801 II driven by Aragon amp & preamp.
Would like to buy a DAC/preamp or integrated with optical input that can be controlled by the Direct TV remote.
This remote can be programmed to control many brands including Bel Canto, NAD, HK, Cambridge , Classe etc.
Have tried Aragon, B&K, EAD, Sunfire & others without success.(older models)
Don't want surround. Just good clean old fashioned stereo controlled by the simple DTV remote.
Any Ideas??
The B&W's require LOTS of power so a preamp with optical in seems easiest.
plus...am I assuming too much that the 3 inputs to the TV come out of the optical out on the TV as a steady signal NOT controlled by the volume control??
Tired of all the remotes lying around.
Thanks for any input!!
My suggestion is to get whatever preamp and DAC you think is best, without regard to the remote issue. If the DTV remote doesn't work, get a Logitech Harmony to control the whole thing. I switched from the DTV remote to a Harmony 900, which is fully programmable, including customizable soft buttons, and works in either IR or RF mode. I use it in RF mode with the included IR blaster/repeater to control components in my cabinet. Also controls the Mac Mini and AppleTV, which I don't think the DTV remote can do.
The DirecTV remotes are pretty good, but I use a Logitech Harmony One to control everything. You should probably be using the audio output of the DirecTV receiver, and use your TV only as a monitor. A single HDMI connection between receiver and processor will simplify cabling. I assume both your Apple TV and Bly-ray player have HDMI. What do you use the Apple TV for?

In my case, the DirecTV HD-DVR connects to a DVDO iScan Duo video processor that is connected to a Cary 11a audio processor (passes video unprocessed). This setup requires only two HDMI cables. An Oppo 93 connects directly to the Cary 11a via HDMI. I use balanced output from the Cary to the amps and Velodyne bass manager.

Unless I'm missing something in your question, I would think that one of the Bel Canto DACs will do just what you are looking for (1.5, 2.5, 3.5). They have volume controls, can act as a preamp and have optical inputs.

Since you list Bel Canto as one of the options that your remote works with, this should do the job for you.

***Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
Thanks for the responses. I am trying to keep with the DTV remote for the wifes (and my) ease of use. We have tv's in 3 rooms With Direct TV remotes that we have been using for years so changing anything in the dark is easy. Also have tried the Dijit Ipad app/device that seems to work OK but It seemed simplest to take the 3 HDMI cables from each unit and go directly to the TV then take the optical out from the TV to a new DAC that could be programmed to it. That way, switching between inputs on the TV via the DTV remote also switches the audio out at the TV at presumably equal levels. I know that this can all be switched through a Surround receiver but have no need for surround. Have written to Bel Canto and NAD about the DAC 2.5 and the NAD M15. Both can be used as preamps I'm told but I worry about the output levels of these being enough to drive the amp to a high volume level.
Any other suggestions welcome. I'll let you all know what happens.
I hear you about simplicity and WAF, but honestly, the Harmony is super easy to use, once you program it on your computer. The cool thing is that you program "activities" which are like macros on your computer. For example, my Harmony 900 has a color touch screen at the top (the rest is regular buttons laid out much like the DTV remote). When you pick the remote up off the charger, the screen lists the different activities, such as "Watch TV" or "Watch Blu Ray" (or whatever you program it to do. When you click on an activity, it turns on all of the required components, turns off any components you are not using (unless you program it to keep them on), switches the inputs on your TV, processor, scaler, etc., and then switches the touch screen buttons to activity-appropriate functions. Also, you never have to slide a switch to tell it which component you want to control. It already knows. Anyway, it's pretty cool stuff for $159 on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Universal-Remote-Touchscreen/dp/tags-on-product/B002RL875A) I think it was over $300 last year.
OK... Leaving out the remote control obsession, my main goal now is making sure what I buy will work in my system.
Yes, Goldprintaudio, I've narrowed down my choices to either Bel Canto DAC or the NAD M15 or NAD M51 HD. The Bel Canto seems best but the NAD M15 has pass thru HDMI to take the sound signal out of (6 of them) compared to relying on the Panasonics optical out to feed the Bel Canto DAC or NAD M51. I've talked to Panasonic about the signal generated optically and it can be Dolby or PCM (??) and am concerned about decoding abilities of both units. Also think I don't want or need the extra complexity of the surround circuits in the M15.
So.. the bottom line question now is will 3 HDMI signals going to the Plasma TV, and being switched in the TV, generate a compatible optical output to a Bel Canto or NAD 2 channel DAC. And, is the signal generated by these DAC's strong enough to generate higher volume levels as they are not ""full blown" preamps. (or are they??)
Again.Thanks for any ideas/suggestions. I've been messing with this for years and don't want to put another "brick" in my pile of processors in the closet which now includes EAD, B&K, Sunfire & ACT3.
I have a M51 DAC and its pretty amazing. It had no problems driving my Vincent SP331 amp or my CIAudio D200 MKii amps. Its has one of the best digital volume controls out there and can decode just about anything from PCM to SACD. Check out the NAD site for the downloadable manual and specs. If you do some digging you'll find a few personal reviews on the internet and they gush over it. Not many reviews as yet since it's pretty new. I did a review here on 'gon if your interested. Also the unit has balanced and unbalanced outputs. I would say it is a preamp, but you only have one analog out.
Thanks again to all & an update. After much study, have settled on a Marantz AV7005 at least temporarily as a financial alternative so to speak. Ideally, a higher end PrePro such as NAD M15HD or Classe etc with 4 or more HDMI ports would be my choice but the $$ just isn't there it seems. I will try operating the Marantz with the Direct TV remote but might just try the Harmony as all have suggested plus use the TV as a monitor only. Have been lax in keeping up with the audio world for many years but this episode has rekindled a 50 year affair with the field.
It's gonna cost me I think. I'll post later on results.