DAC or no DAC? If yes, which one?

I am trying to complete a modest yet quality stereo system with a Mac mini as the source component. I would like as much as possible to have no obvious weak links in the chain. The area I have come into the most confusion is how to feed the signal from my mini to the amp. Either I run an analog signal straight through the mini out to RCA or I do a mini to toslink into a DAC and feed that into the amp. The system is thus far, Nuforce Icon amp (Not the icon integrated but just the amp with a volume knob) Anti cables feeding into Mordaunt Short 902 Avant i's which are setting atop Atacama Nexus 7 stands. The two DACs I have considered most are the Music fidelity V-DAC or the Beresford tc 7520. Any thoughts? I have heard there may be compatibility issues with the V-DAC re: volume coming out maxed at all times, however it seems that with the volume control on the amp this may not be of real concern. The Beresford has an option to control the volume via the DAC but it recommends using the fixed volume output through the type of setup I describe which makes me wonder if there is any difference (regarding functionality, not sound quality) between the two considering my intended set up.
I suggest an Eastern Electric DAC, a HiFace USB adapter with a BNC connector, and Pure Music.
I am also considering upgrade my Maverick Audio, so, I am interested in this Eastern Electric DAC. But .. is this out yet? I can't find any information. No company web site, no spec, no review .. all I can find is discussion threads. It seems the price is $600 for pre order, $700 after launch in N.America .. It is not cheap. How is it compared to the following:
PS Audio Digital Link III with cullen mod
Lavry DA11
Wyred 4 sound DAC-1
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You might want to check out the Nuforce Icon Mobile and Icon uDac. I own both and I'm quite impressed. I owned the Beresford. It's good also, but, IMHO, either Nuforce is just as good and less than half the price.
As you say, you don't need a volume control on the DAC. Your amp's volume control will do the job fine.

You don't have to start with a DAC. You can take the signal off the Mac Mini's headphone output and run it right to your amp. The better your cable, the better this will sound.

If you do use a DAC you have a 99.9% chance of getting better sound than the headphone output will give you. If it were me starting out, though, I would start cheap and upgrade only when my sonics seemed a bit less than satisfying.
Thanks for all your responses. Much appreciated. I like the way you think Tobias, I am a miser at heart.
I agree with Mezzrow's assessment of the Nuforce uDAC. Its only input is USB but it's very impressive for a $99 piece of gear, substantially better than the headphone output of my MacBook Pro and better than the highly regarded Valab DAC I owned that costs twice as much.
If you are going on a tight budget, the Jolida is only $120.
Hello: I own the nuforce icon not the udac hooked via toslink it is a excellent dac for $500 with single ended to my preamp Hooked to my macmini.