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I have one more move to make for right now! I currently have an Antipodes DS GT music server and Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC. I'm so blown away with the DS GT that I'm considering going to the Antipodes DX. My other option is to sale my Aeris DAC and get the Chord Dave. I don't have the opportunity to evaluate either one. Please give me your thoughts on which way to go.
I have the same confusion, whether to go for DAC or Music server
Dave is spendy and will be superseded but has gotten rave reviews
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I have been thru the dedicated Mac mini server running pure music or audirvana 2.x then later moving to the Auralic Aries music server, both front ending a dac. Then sold the Aries and selling the dac and moved to a ps audio directstream with bridge II which is much better without the need for extra cables. Sold my AQ diamond USB cable. Much better and much simpler. Using the Lumin iPad app to control tidal and ripped songs on a Mac server 100 ft away.
As always, I really appreciate your measured response. I’ve posted every upgrade that I’ve recently made. I can’t recall every detail when I changed components, but besides changing speakers, inserting the Antipodes DS GT has probably been the most impactful. I’ve learned that it’s silly to say that the Antipodes DS GT is "better" or any component is "better", but I can say that I prefer the changes brought on with the DS GT. I like posting questions as food for thought. I really do appreciate everyone’s input. Given where I am, I'm simply asking if changing the DAC or the music server is most beneficial?
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I will call the Rowland local dealer today and see what he says. I’ll send you a PM later. As always, THANKS for your input!

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Both! I have a Bluesound Node 2 and two external DACS. One for each system I have.
I had the opportunity to compare a couple of things in my system over the past few days. I’ve decided the best way forward is to purchase the new Jeff Rowland PSU. As I try to mature in this hobby, I realize that different doesn’t equate to preference. I listen to a couple of components that were different, but I didn’t prefer them in the context of my system. So, the way to improve upon the sound that I already love is to get the PSU. I always like to close my posting by sharing the results. At some point I will provide comments on the sonic changes brought by the PSU.

Hi Richard, this is fabulous... Do keep us all posted! G.


Hi Richard, in my system, I found that stacking PSU on top of Aeris was sonically preferable to having the two units side by side. I am currently supporting the duo with three Titanium Nordost Kones under Aeris. At some point I will try to invert the stack, placing PSU under Aeris.

Let us know how things progress at your end.

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