DAC or CDP for computer music system?

I recently converted my 2-channel stereo rig into a computer based music server. I have a G4 laptop, two hard drives, a U24 waveterminal (which takes a USB signal out from the computer and converts it into analog) and an integrated amp. The U24 can serve as a D/A converter and it performs admirably. I have auditioned 3 different DAC's (Apogee, Benchmark, Dodson 217 Mk II D) though which have all had great strengths. I am still auditioning the Dodson and have not made a final decision yet.

I am wondering if I should go for something like a Audio Aero Prima DAC or a Levinson 390S? I now listen to all my music and radio via iTunes and my laptop. I LOVE the interface but am looking for a musically involving digital signal processor to tie it all together. Maybe I need a stand alone CDP with a digital input? Suggestions from experience? Thank you,
Hi Pardales, did you audition the Apogee with the USB input? I hear this is the way to go with a PC based system. The Wavelength USB DAC's are also rated highly.
I did actually. It was a very impressive sounding DAC that I recommend anyone to try. It was just not my taste. I guess what I am trying to decide on is a DAC or a CDP. I am pleased enough with the U24 Waveterminal to let it ride for casual listening and radio. I am trying to decide whether to go for a nice CDP for critical listening or a DAC so I can play all my music through one source.

I I have yet to hear a DAC I could live with (sub 3K) that really impressed me.

IMHO definitely go external DAC. If not simply for the sound, but for the flexibility. I think you will be pleasantly surprised what a good external DAC will do for computer based music servers/transports. I truly believe it's the wave of the future.

BTW, I am running a Squeezebox 2 (wireless) as my transport into an external DAC. These are my main "sources" for my 2-channel and headphone audio systems.
I am using the battery powered USB Select by Red Wine Audio that has been modified by them to just provide the USB output from my computer to the digital input of my DAC (it can also act as a DAC, but I would not recommend it), an Audio Mirror D1 which I highly recommend. I also use the USB Select to transfer files from my computer to my Alesis ML9600 (TRL modded) and record direct to the HD, where I can then edit and use the ML9600 as a transport to output the digital signal to the D1, or burn new CDRs (with extremely low BLER due to the mods by TRL).

The Audio Mirror is a great DAC and great value. Not as good as a Dodson I suspect, but a non-upsampling filterless design that took me by surprise and compared favorably to the Audio Note 2.1x, which is no slouch.
I read a review in Stereophile of the Levinson 390s that claimed that a 24 bit signal fed to the digital inputs was truncated to 16 bit resolution. Can anyone confirm or deny this?