DAC or CD PLAYER?...again

I have a Manley Stingray II amp and a new pair of Merlin TSM-XMr's coming soon. I was getting close to buying a Rega Apollo CD player, new or used. Now I'm wondering if I should use my 250 dollar Oppo CD player as a transport and add something like a Dacmagic. Then I can also run a laptop with music files and such.

But the bottom line is whether the Oppo and a 400-600 dollar DAC will be as good as the Rega Apollo or other good CD player in that range.

After liking the cheaper Oppo over a modded Jolida CDP, I'm not ready to pull out any big bucks for a CD player, but I'd like something fairly good out of the gate while I break the new system in.


The Apollo may be better than the Dacmagic?
I've been told that the 840c is better than the dacmagic and I know that the 840c is better than the Apollo.
Just to cause some trouble.
Why not get something like a Logitech Squeeze box and use the digital outs to go into a DAC? Then, WiFi your music from the PC.
I would enter the world of streaming bersus get a CD transport. 
One way to start is Bluesound Node 2i - stream or connect it to your NAS or laptop. It has a basic DAC and you can upgrade with an external DAC in the future. 
The support and app ease of use is excellent- I use an iPad to control my digital music with my server or Tidal. 

I used to own the Apollo.  One negative is that it refused to read many discs that worked just fine on other players.  It was one of the first CDPs that would store the first 20 seconds or so in a buffer before deciding if it liked it, and it’s very picky, imo.
   My recommendation is always to plunk down for DAC if you already have a transport, which you do.  You will get more bang for the sonic buck and if you start using other digital sources, such as a streamer, you have more versatility 
CD player. Enjoy the Music!

Happy Listening!
I had a a Rega Planet CD player. It quit reading discs a few weeks after the warranty expired. They wanted $400 to fix it. I passed on that. I have not had good luck with Rega products. YMMV
Since this is a 10-year old thread I guess it's fair to go off topic...
After I ordered my Rega Apollo in 2009 the loaner from the shop would not read discs, need to be reset (off/on), show door open with the door closed, etc. probably 10 times in the week I had it. I also read on forums that this was an issue but that Rega had addressed. I told the owner if mine messed up like that I would return it ASAP. I still have it and aside from a few very rare (a few times a year?)  times I haven't had any issue with it at all.