DAC or CD PLAYER?...again

I have a Manley Stingray II amp and a new pair of Merlin TSM-XMr's coming soon. I was getting close to buying a Rega Apollo CD player, new or used. Now I'm wondering if I should use my 250 dollar Oppo CD player as a transport and add something like a Dacmagic. Then I can also run a laptop with music files and such.

But the bottom line is whether the Oppo and a 400-600 dollar DAC will be as good as the Rega Apollo or other good CD player in that range.

After liking the cheaper Oppo over a modded Jolida CDP, I'm not ready to pull out any big bucks for a CD player, but I'd like something fairly good out of the gate while I break the new system in.


The Apollo may be better than the Dacmagic?
I've been told that the 840c is better than the dacmagic and I know that the 840c is better than the Apollo.
Just to cause some trouble.
Why not get something like a Logitech Squeeze box and use the digital outs to go into a DAC? Then, WiFi your music from the PC.