I currenlty operated a CAL Audio/Benchmark DAC 1, played thru ARC LS-15/Manley 250 mono's/Mag 3.6. I listen to accoustic jazz >90%. I will have the opportunity to purchase while in Japan (within nxt wk)/save big bucks, and wondered re: the high end digital market ie Audio Note/Accupahse/Esoteric etc. Must have bal out.
1. What would these models improve over present combo.
2. What other brands could I take advantage of.
Audio Note will offer a non-os approach to digita-to-analog conversion and should be heard in comparison to upsampler DACs. Go to their website, as well as Sakura Systems (47 Labs) and read the papers on the non-os philosophy. It is well worth investigating, quite simply very analog like in sound.
oh man are you lucky !!! they have hugh high end used shops and the us dollar is stronger than the yen...

-cec transports (tl1x or tl2x)
-remiyo dap777 dac

btw, let me know if you run across a cec puck stabilizer..i need one :)))))
Mike although I have read a lot re: the "Remy" please advise how it improves over my CAL Audio/Benchmark DAC 1.