DAC Option in Modwright LS-100

I'm looking to upgrade my system a bit.   I'm replacing my old digital source with shiny new a Naim Uniti Core.  The rest of the system currently is: Jolida Fusion DAC/Pre, Odyssey Stratos Plus, Thiel CS 2.4, Kimber 8TC / PBJ. 

Looking to up my game a bit, and thinking that the Jolida is probably the weak link.  There's a used Modwright LS-100 preamp with DAC card that I'm thinking of picking up -- it's just under $2500, which is about my budget.  But I've also got the option to pick up a used Modwright without the DAC, or an Audible Illusions M3A.  Those would leave me using the DAC in the Jolida for now, with flexibility to upgrade my DAC later without having to change out my preamp.  I'd probably have the budget for an Audio Mirror DAC in a year or two. 

Has anyone listened to the LS-100 with DAC?  How did the DAC sound?  Will I regret being locked in later?

And has anyone listened to an LS-100 with a Stratos?
I owned a LS-100 with a Kismet a one time.  Was a very good combo as Odyssey amps love tube preamps.  The AI with it's high gain is not a good match with Odyssey amps as their input sensitivity is only 1 volt.  

If you haven't, you might also  want to check on Audio Circle , there may be info  within the Modwright Circle, if not it might be worthwhile to post your question there as well. 
I didn't know there was a DAC option for the LS100, so I can't comment on that. I had a Fusion for a while in my bedroom system and it's been replaced. The LS100 is in my main system. It's a much better piece than the Jolida. 
I guess I had read about the DAC in the LS100 at some point. Seeing that the design is 5 years old, I think I'd be inclined to get an external DAC if I was in your shoes. 
Yeah, after thinking about it overnight, I've pretty much decided to go with an external DAC.  And that'll open up some other preamp options -- there's a Van Alstine FET Valve CF here for a nice price, I could get my DAC sooner rather than later with that.  Or I could wait for the DAC and blow my budget on a preamp from Don Sachs, Linear Tube Audio, Supratek, or the entry level Atmasphere. 

The Modulus series of preamps is a poor match with the Odyssey amp.  I had all 3 Modulus preamps, the 3,3A and 3B and the volume control on the preamp was useless. I could not put the volume past 9 o clock and with the stepped controls it was always too loud or too soft.  It’s a bad match.   
The Modwright LS100 is a really nice piece.  I've heard some really expensive systems and mine has not been embarrassed by any of them with the LS100 at the heart of the system.