DAC new or used under 2.5K advice

I looking for a DAC to match my Ayon Triton,
thinking in solid state!

Too many available I have been thinking on the Hegel HD10! with my Mac book pro.

Highly appreciate advice pls,

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The next DAC I am going to get is the Naim. List is $3000 but in this market I suspect $2500 will buy one.
Lots of folks around here are fond of the Wyred DAC2.

I recently heard a DAC2 in my system and it was quite impressive, in spite of its very reasonable price.

Ditto on the W4S Dac2. 6 months owner; very pleased! Been using digital since Magnavox 650 back in 1986.

Have you considered the new Bel Canto's (2.5 and 3.5)? I am a dealer for these products and have been extremely impressed with how they sound. The Dac2.5 should do a great job for you and falls under the amount you are looking to spend ($1995).
I might as well put in a word here for the Neko D-100. I have the 1V version, which I've been using it in place of the Cambridge 840C CDP/DAC. The sound is very unstressful.
I bough the Ps Perfect Wave DAC, with the bridge, from reviews, and actually teh future in technology hard to beat unit!


I will share my experience.
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W4s dac1 with supercaps ($50 extra). Love it.
Can't go to bed before 3am anymore...
Glad it worked out. Enjoy.

Weiss DAC2 or Minerva (both have identical internals) would be worth considering if you have a Firewire output from computer. Weiss DAC2 is $3000 new. Either DAC2 or Minerva used should be within your price range. 6moons review of Weiss compares it to Wyred4Sound DAC2
I second Daverz comment regarding the Neko Audio D100. The Wyred4Sound also looks impressive but some have described the ESS Sabre as being too sterile. I haven't heard the W4S but the Neko is extremely musical.
I am streaming lossless files using an Apple TV2 into the Hegel. Fantastic sound. The Hegel is a great value and it's performance is superior. It has a warm and full sound, but remains crystal clear throughout the frequency range.