DAC new or used under 2.5K advice

I looking for a DAC to match my Ayon Triton,
thinking in solid state!

Too many available I have been thinking on the Hegel HD10! with my Mac book pro.

Highly appreciate advice pls,

The next DAC I am going to get is the Naim. List is $3000 but in this market I suspect $2500 will buy one.
Lots of folks around here are fond of the Wyred DAC2.

I recently heard a DAC2 in my system and it was quite impressive, in spite of its very reasonable price.

Ditto on the W4S Dac2. 6 months owner; very pleased! Been using digital since Magnavox 650 back in 1986.

Have you considered the new Bel Canto's (2.5 and 3.5)? I am a dealer for these products and have been extremely impressed with how they sound. The Dac2.5 should do a great job for you and falls under the amount you are looking to spend ($1995).
I might as well put in a word here for the Neko D-100. I have the 1V version, which I've been using it in place of the Cambridge 840C CDP/DAC. The sound is very unstressful.
I bough the Ps Perfect Wave DAC, with the bridge, from reviews, and actually teh future in technology hard to beat unit!


I will share my experience.
Hi Stanwal,
I suppose that Hegel is such an exotic piece in US that probably you have no luck to receive much answers form here about Hegel source/Ayon amp owners. I just hope that I`m wrong on this.
Just be sure that there will be no major impedance mismatch with Hegel output and your integrated amp input when you buy the Hegel source.
Anyway I must say that I have never tried any Hegel gear, but in my last 10+ years testing/owning many fine digital gear, I can still confirm that as strange as it is my absolute reference digital is STILL Marantz SA-1 (of course it does not have USB input).
Yes I have owned the new SA-7S1 and many much more expensive players and dac/transport combos from Accuphase, Audio Aero, Burmester, Wadia, Mcintosh, Zanden, Ayon, Esoteric, Ayre, Metronome and the most hyped new PS combo plus many different USB solutions with optimized Mac and PC to several dac`s in several configurations, but it still sound inferior to decent standalone players combos.
From my experience after Marantz SA-1 the Burmester (Top Line) is some of the best after my SA-1 and the second after is Zanden (MK III, not the current model) that has unbeatable "in your room" singer feeling but there are some other slight flaws that I don`t mention here (nothing major).
If I remember correctly there are only 500 or 1000 pieces of SA-1 made worldwide (pls. correct me if I`m wrong) and I doubt that someone can find such passionate design and jewelery quality made piece of gear in current new products. The prices for SA-1 are actually rising as are CD-7, Linn-12 and many other top of the line gear with limited production. I take it as good investment that makes you loads of enjoyment with no financial loss.
Sorry my last text takes too financial smell and it does not fit here because enjoying fine music or other fine arts is deep aesthetic enjoyment and this can`t be measured with any material value.
NB! English is not my main language so sorry for my incorrect grammar.
All the best!
W4s dac1 with supercaps ($50 extra). Love it.
Can't go to bed before 3am anymore...
Glad it worked out. Enjoy.

Weiss DAC2 or Minerva (both have identical internals) would be worth considering if you have a Firewire output from computer. Weiss DAC2 is $3000 new. Either DAC2 or Minerva used should be within your price range. 6moons review of Weiss compares it to Wyred4Sound DAC2
I second Daverz comment regarding the Neko Audio D100. The Wyred4Sound also looks impressive but some have described the ESS Sabre as being too sterile. I haven't heard the W4S but the Neko is extremely musical.
I am streaming lossless files using an Apple TV2 into the Hegel. Fantastic sound. The Hegel is a great value and it's performance is superior. It has a warm and full sound, but remains crystal clear throughout the frequency range.