DAC + Network Streaming

Hi All,

I'm trying to see if there is any way to fit a high-quality DAC onto a network streaming receiver. I have small kids, so convenience is paramount as it's not easy for me to go to the media room or open the AV cabinet without the gremlins getting into everything. I REALLY LIKE the fact that many modern receivers (e.g. Pioneer Elite series) allow you to control everything from an iOS app as I always seem to have my iPad on hand. Basically I want to be anywhere in my house and start music from my media library to either the main home theater system, or one of the other zones (e.g. kitchen). The DAC would primarily be used when playing music on the L/R speakers of the home theater.

Ideal setup for me would be: 1) USB external drive with media files connected to the wi-fi router 2) iOS-controlled receiver streams data from USB drive via DLNA . Is there any way to pass those streamed bits through a dedicated DAC instead of using the one in the receiver? Because of the convenience/kid factor I do not want a separate media server computer. If this is not really possible today, any comments on the DAC aboard the Pioneer SC-68 receiver?

The problem is the av reciever most of those units will not allow you to alter the streaming input.

Here is what I mean in a Pioneer receiver you push a button called network and boom you have the network streaming functions, you can't go into the receiver and assign that source button with a different digital or analog input to allow the processing to come from a different device.

The solution is to go to a high end streamer/dac/amp with app such as Naim or Linn and there are many others.

These devices hook up to the network and can pull UPnp/DLNA files from the Network and play and control them.

If you are trying to incorporate these devices into a theater setup it can be done with some creative hardware and custom remotes.