DAC + NAS streamer combo (NOT Tidal/Qobuz etc)

Hi, I’m looking for a stereo DAC and streamer that can stream from my local NAS server. I DON’T care about Tidal/Qobuz and all that crap: just my own music. An example is an Exasound e32/Sigma Streamer combo (I have their e38 + Sigma and it works beautifully).  I’ll connect to the streamer through a Roon core running on my Mac. Budget 3-4K. Used ok. Recommendations please?  
Most important to me is that the DAC be as neutral as possible (and of course work with Roon). All the ones I looked at that are Roon-reconnected on their website are for hi-res  streaming and seem to have a lot of bells and whistles with touch screens and other junk.  I want a basic but high quality DAC. 

Am connecting it to a Pass Labs xp32 preamp, First Watt j2 amp and Tannoy speakers.  Listen exclusively to classical and jazz. 

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@jmarshak don't think Bricasti dac's even used are in OP budget but for what he is looking for would fit the bill.
Oh BTW, forgot to mention!  Need native DSD decoding in the signal path.  Not PCM conversion.  
@rsf507 according to the Audiogon blue book, several M1 (not M1SE) have sold for under 3k in the past.  
If you are not committed to blowing the $$ and don't mind a lil work I'd look at an Allo Signature, USB or DigiOne if you require SPDIF.. Get the Shanti (a killer 5 vDC LPS). 
2 USB A ports, I have an SSD in each. Native DSD decoding, Multiple pathways for Roon.
~$500 why spend more besides looks?
I'd recommend looking into the Lumin T2. MSRP is $4500 but a used or maybe demo unit is definitely inside your budget. I also think you will appreciate its excellent sound quality given the critical demands of classical and jazz.

It will stream music from your local NAS, works with Roon as well as other UPnP control software, and supports for DSD via its ESS DAC chips.