DAC msb

After a year I sold my beloved msb dacs 4 .... I had to gather enough a bit of money.
Now I have a bagget of 5,500 euros ..... dac which I should go listen to that does not make me regret the msb too?
Thank you all for your responses where appropriate.
Hello ciro.

PS sorry for my bad English.

Sorry to hear that you are selling your MSB DAC 4. I was considering selling mine and the DAC's I was considering were the following in no particular order.

1. Eastern Electric DAC Plus
2. Weiss DAC 202
3. Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC 2
4. Lampizator Level 3 DAC
5. Wavelength Audio Crimson DAC
I was thinking well to playback dac 3 ...... None at some idea of what I should go ascltare?

if you want a tube loke sound, in the classic sense, the original zanden will do. i am not sure of its selling price.

i do also agree with the eastern electric selection with the appropriate tube and op amps.
I heard the MSB Platinum DAC 4 at Newport last week and was quite impressed. It was used with the MSB transport and power base, MSB 200W Class A amp and YG speakers. Chuck, can you offer any reasons why you are considering selling yours? And specifically, if you think the Berkeley Alpha 2 is better? I ask because I was considering the MSB after hearing it. Thanks

Sorry if I did not elaborate. I was considering selling my MSB DAC 4 when I lost my job. I am not considering selling it any longer. I have not heard the Berkely Alpha DAC series 2. I did own a Berkeley Alpha prior to owning the MSB Signature DAC 4. The MSB is better but it is 4 times the price.

I hope this clears things up.
I think I explained why I sold the MSB ... and was only due to economic problems, now a sum of 5,500 for a DAC that does not make me regret the MSB DAC playback ..... I was thinking .. 3 ... I ask the blayback 3 ... could be on the same level of the MSB? Thanks to all ciro.
The Platinum DAC IV advertised price is US$6K, which is less than E5.5K. Ciro, is that not a good path for you (again)?

Chuck- thanks for explaining. The Signature DAC is twice the price of the Platinum. Have you compared the two, and do you have any gauge of how much better it is? Also, are they actually being sold for less than this advertised price? Thanks
Rtilden sorry ... but maybe you ..... 6k costs but costs 10k from us ... and then there's a big difference in the clash between the 2 dac .. in favor of the playback. Hello ciro.

No I have not compared the two. You may want to try this guy and see what he will sell one to you for.