DAC Magic vs DA10

I have an opportunity to pick-up a lightly used Lavry DA10 for a very attractive price. I would use it in my office headphone set-up.

Currently, I use a Cambridge DAC Magic with the outboard Pangea PS connected by XLR IC to a headphone amp.

Based on what I think I can sell the DAC Magic plus Pangea PS, this is almost a wash financially (not quite).

My issue is sonically - is the DA10 a decent step-up the DAC food chain from the DAC Magic plus Pangea PS or am I just trading equipment out?

Thank you for an input.
Sorry, I have not done a direct A-B between these two but as a former DA-10 owner I think it's a no brainer in favor of the Lavry. In particular, the headphone output has to be a lot better than the Dacmagic.

The Dacmagic is quite well regarded to be sure but the Lavry sounds sooo good and the internal design and build quality are built to a much higher standard. The Lavry isn't pretty by any means but it's very solidly built.

Can you tell I miss my Lavry? Great sounding piece, it does a great job of making music IMHO and the fact that it was so well liked by the Naim crowd implies that it has the toe tapping PRAT thing down(while being accurate and detailed at the same time) which it definitely did in my system.
Thanks. Due to comments from you and others not here on Audiogon, I have listed my DAC Magic. It is a fine DAC at its price point, but not a DA10.