DAC Magic or MF V-DAC?

Second system consists of Wadia 170i Ipod transport to analog tube integraded amp (PrimaLuna Prologue Two).
Looking for D/AC in the $500 range. Seems everyone has positive thoughts on both the DAC Magic and MF V-DAC units.
In that price range, am I correct in thinking this is the two logical options? If so, could you steer me in either direction?
Thanks in advance for any comments.
The V-DAC did considerably better in a test in HIFICRITIC. Also beat out the Benchmark. I bought one on the basis of it, not broken yet as I just got it yesterday.
Any chance your application is similar to mine? Wadia 170i
you might also want to check out the Music Hall 25.2 DAC. With a NOS tube, a tube damper, and some vibration isolation it is quite good.
I liked the Music Hall better than the Cambridge but I would still want to go higher. Between the Benchmark and the Apogee Mini-DAC I'd choose the second. Haven't heard the V-DAC yet, maybe it beats the Apogee.
PS Audio DLIII is a good choice
HiFi Critic sound quality test results (from the cheapest to the most expensive DAC; all prices in British Pounds/GBP):

Pro-Ject USB BOX @ 100 GBP - 22 points
Firestone Audio Fubar II USB @ 124 GBP - 25 points
MF V-DAC @ 150 GBP - 42 points
CA DacMagic @ 230 GBP - 32 points
Acustic Energy DAC @ 800 GBP - 26 points
Benchmark DAC1 Pre USB @ 1633 GBP - 24 points

V-DAC was had also the best jitter measurments they had ever tested.
What was the basic concept of their point system?
I am using it as a decoder in a conventional 2 channel with Meridian transport. I spent 4 hours ABing it with my Audio Synthesis DAX tonight. By pure chance I eventually discovered that transferring the Oyade GPX power cord to the Meridian transport from the DAX made considerably more difference than switching between DACs. I am more than happy with the Meridian- GPX -V DAC but think there is still room for improvement so my wife is getting me a Little Pinkie V power supply for Christmas. The V Dac was also good for computer use, beating the rest at this also.
How about Audio Sector's non-oversampling DAC? The kit is $330 for SPDIF. Less for USB. Assembled is $80.00 more. Not shown on Peter's site but still available.

It is very similar to ~$1,300 Altmann Attraction DAC but ~1/4 the cost.

Which is better?
Here is One discussion
I had a V-DAC and then bought a DAC Magic and I preferred the DAC Magic and so did everyone else and the I returned the V-DAC. The sound was fuller, it had a better soundstage, and I thought the detail was much clearer.

That said, I know there's someone reading this right now who thinks the exact opposite :)
I've owned the Benchmark DAC 1, the PS Audio DL III, as well as a Musical Fidelity V-DAC, haven't heard the DAC Magic.

To me, the Benchmark was too bright/harsh. The PS Audio was very nice, smooth yet detailed. But I ended up keeping the V-DAC. For about a third of the price of the PS Audio, it was very, very close. I'm still not sure if I heard a difference or if I thought the PS Audio was better because it looked nicer and cost more. I liked the V-DAC so much that I just ordered a second one for my headphone system.

Good Luck