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Hello AG community,

Its unfortunate to me that my Ayre Codex is deciding to give troubles. It still works and sounds great but the display is shot. Although I love this thing, I fear from other troubles may arise. Im not sure if it would be worth repairing or not as i'm sure the repair cost won't be cheap. I know its not the best inout source but I feed the DAC from my streamer through the optical inout. Are there any familiar with the sound of the Codex DAC and advice on repair or thoughts on comparable to step up on sound quality with multiple inputs in the $2-3K range? As always, your audiophile inputs are always well respected and appreciated.
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Give Ayre a shout; it can't hurt,
It may very well be worth repairing.
The thing with Ayre; is along with the repair, they'll most likely give the whole unit a "once over".

Ayre equipment is top notch!

You could get a new Schiit Yggdrasil DAC for $2400.
For your price range; I can't think of one better.
I own the Schiit Gungnir Multibit; I LOVE that thing! The Yggdrasil is even a step up from the Gungnir.

But give Ayre a shout; you might decide it's worth keeping.
I agree that you should call Ayre and ask them.  They repaired my non-working Ayre QB-9 DAC at no cost (I paid for shipping).

As posted above, Ayre will check your Codex DAC to ensure it is working to spec.

I also agree the Schiit YGGY DAC is another option but please call Ayre first. The Codex DAC is excellent.  

I called Ayre Thursday and to my surprise was thrilled to find out my DAC is still covered for another year and a half by Ayre’s original warranty. I am shipping it out Monday.