DAC in Japan

I convinced one of my friends to do some shopping for me in Japan. I am in the market - looking for a DAC. Can you please suggest some brand names that will be cheaper in Japan (i am in US). My budget allows me to go up to $650.

He will be buying online and one of the dacs that I put my eyes on is the CEC DA53.

My system is not a high end (actually I am using it for headphones only): philips dvp642 > darkvoice 336i > hd650.

I would like to add some more detail and sound stage. So, if you can suggest some dac's which will be relatively (or dramatically, lol) cheaper in Japan, I would greatly appreciate the help.


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Buying DACs online in Japan is not noticeably cheaper than buying DACs online elsewhere, except possibly for products like the CEC line (and I say possibly because I do not know what street price for these components is outside of Japan).

FWIW, to my knowledge, there are not that many Japanese stand-alone DACs in that price range. There are a seemingly well-made DACs made by hobbyists which are for sale on the Yahoo Auctions but I have never tried any of them and can only comment on apparent build quality based on pictures.
I had never heard of the brand. Interesting that they have a tube USB DAC. I will dig around to see if I can find any more about the company.