DAC in Bryston BP25-DA

Anyone have any opinions about listening to CDs (any kind of music) through the Bryston BP25-DA? I like the convenience of this piece, with built in DAC and two digital inputs. I'm interested in comparisons with DACs at the level of Bel Canto DAC2, Perp Tech 3A, Benchmark, etc. I am not asking an apples-to-apples question, I know, but there is so little on this particular Bryston piece that I'm interested in any feedback whatsoever. I am familiar with the Quad 99CDP, which works as a preamp for digital sources, so any comparison of the BP25-DA against that also would be of interest.

The BP25DA uses the same DACs as the Bryston SP-1.7 and adds jitter control. On www.audiocircle.com there is a Bryston/PMC Owner's Circle where the sound quality of the SP-1.7 and BP-25DA have been discussed at length. Although I do not own the non-Bryston equipment that your are comparing against, several posts have been made at audiocircle that compare Bryston with other DACs. The audiocircle forum also has a lot of information on the BP25DA's successor, the BP-26DA. I personally use a cheap Sony DVD player as a transport and use the DACs in my SP-1.7 for 2-channel music. The sound quality on good recordings just blows me away every time.
I am not 100% sure but...

I believe the BP-25DA uses Crystal CS43122 DACs while the SP1.7 uses its Motorola 56367 DSP chip for D/A Conversion.

I have the SP1.7 and its a fine DAC, but the BP-25DA IMO, is stellar.
The BP-25DA and SP-1.7 both use the CS43122 DAC's for D/A conversion. The SP-1.7 uses the 56367 for processing the digital input stream before sending the digital data to the CS43122 DACs.