DAC in a simple system?

When compared to most here, I have a very modest system. For digital, I am using the Marantz 5003. I was looking at the Musical FIdelity V-DAC. The brand seems to get a lot of negative comments here. I have a couple of their x-10 v3 buffers which I really like.

The big question here is will the $300 DAC really make a difference? From looking at specs, it would seem that the internal Marantz DAC has pretty much the same specs; however, everything I read about external DAC's makes me want to give it a shot.

Thanks for the read and any possible hints,

If you really want to hear a difference in that price range, try a tube dac.
yes - if you want a tube and have the coin, go for one of Scott Nixon's new ones or a Paradisea.

if you just want great sound at a ridiculous price get a Valabs from ebay - satisfaction guaranteed
Thanks guys; I love this forum.
Have had excellent results using the Citypulse DA 7.2X with TXCO upgrade (clock chip).Check out www.AudioMagus.com.
I second the Scott Nixon and the Paradisea.
The DACMagic lifted my modest system beautifully, even right out of the box. Yes it's a fantastic bargain with features I can grow into. I've long been curious whether the 24/192 DAC in my player can be improved with an outboard processor and I'm happy to discover it did. Give it a try.