DAC in $400-800 range for Vandersteen 2ce system

Hello all,

My system is neutral-dark sounding, with B&K ST2140, PRO10-MC pre, and Vandersteen 2ce speakers, with a Music Hall CD25 CDP. I want to get more resolution out of the digital, and was thinking of a Bifrost Uber. My only concern is that reviewers have called it "dark" sounding. I am wondering if a used Benchmark DAC1 or PS audio might give better results. The Music Hall was a decent player in 2005, albeit with OPA2134 op amps, so I'm also wondering if a cheaper DAC will yield noticeable results, or if I need to step up $-wise to get better sound.

Thanks in advance for your advice,

Change your preamp first. It will be a much bigger upgrade.
" I'm also wondering if a cheaper DAC will yield noticeable results."
NO, buy the NEWEST DAC of today and you will yield noticeable results. Such as ZDAC with Asynchronous and balance on all inputs for $299.00

I don't understand your post.
I agree with zd542. I have a DAC/PRE and would not consider getting a separate DAC and Preamp until I'm ready to shell out several thousand dollars each.
Just to clarify, I was looking at the OP's preamp when I made that comment. I feel that's easily the weakest component in the system and would upgrade that first. If the OP found a nice DAC with a volume control that would eliminate the need for the preamp altogether, that should work well too. It would also be fair to point out that the OP's speakers are very revealing and are excellent at pointing out even small changes. I took that into consideration. If you make a mistake, those speakers will make you pay for it. If you get it right, just the opposite.